MyMaps on the MapQuest iOS app

If you have a map or route you've saved via, you can now open these maps through the mobile app. 

Upon opening the app, you'll notice that "GoTo" has been renamed "Favorites", and there is now a second tab within this section called "My Maps".


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To access your My Maps, you'll need to be logged in to your MapQuest account. To log in, click the 3 bar icon in the top left hand corner of the app and then press "log in". Alternatively, you can also log in from the My Maps tab within "Favorites". 

account_log_in_icon.PNG           maps_tab_log_in_prompt.PNG

Once you are logged in, you will see all of your My Maps from your MapQuest account have synced to the app. Clicking on one of your My Maps will open the map description, then clicking on the map name once again will open the previously saved map, or route for use. At this current time, Maps can only be created and saved via, however if you do make changes or add new maps to your account you can press the "refresh list" button to sync real time updates to the app. 

To share a My Map within your account, swipe the map you would like to share to the left and you will see a "share" icon appear. From here, pressing "share" will open a page where you can share via text, email, or copy a link directly. 

share_button_swipe__1_.PNG           share_options.PNG

This has been our most requested feature for some time now, we can't wait to hear what you think! If you have any feedback, please contact our support team and let us know:

Happy Travels! 

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