Introducing Single Search

Our users asked, we listened. Introducing Single Search, a new and improved way to search for your favorite points of interest on MapQuest.

Search is a cornerstone of our product, and after feedback and testing we felt the need to increase usability while allowing our users to discover and explore new places. 

Single Search now allows you to complete a search at any point during your experience, while also allowing you to gradually refine information and drill in further for more detailed results. 

We have scaled back our layers offering and are focusing on the most popular categories, however you can still use the main search bar to refine results in the category of your choice by searching with a keyword. 

We set out to build a responsive with a human-centric design and as a result, the new MapQuest is about more than the interface and technology of the updated maps. It’s about the unexpected connections they make possible.

We hope these changes make your search experience more enjoyable on MapQuest! As always, if you have any specific feedback relating to these changes please feel free to contact our support team,


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