How to use our fuel cost calculator now offers an estimated fuel cost calculation for the routes you create!  Find it on our listed directions pages. Estimates are based on the MPG you've set in your MapQuest Account for your default vehicle.

If you are not logged in, or don't have any vehicles set up in your account, we'll use an average MPG to estimate your fuel cost. Click here to learn more about setting up vehicles in your MapQuest Account.

Where do I find the estimated fuel cost for my routes on MapQuest?

The estimated cost for your route will appear next to the ETA, distance, and traffic information for your route on both the Route Options page and at the top of the listed directions page.

Note: Fuel cost estimates are coming soon to Route Planner. In the meantime, please use the main site to view estimated fuel cost for your routes.

How does MapQuest calculate this estimated fuel cost for my routes?

MapQuest uses a simple formula to calculate the estimated fuel cost for your routes:

(Route Distance) x (Average Cost of Gas Along Route) ÷ (Vehicle MPG) 

We calculate the average cost of gas along your route based on petroleum price data we receive from OPIS, a leading provider of petroleum data. Additionally, we will use your vehicle's fuel range to estimate how often your car will need fuel along your route. The Vehicle MPG used in this calculation can be configured in your MapQuest Account settings under Vehicles. 

Note: Although you can select diesel as your vehicle's fuel type we are currently only calculating the estimated cost of fuel with regular fuel costs.  We will be working on adding accurate diesel estimates in the future. 

Click here to learn more about setting up vehicles in your MapQuest Account.

Note: If you're not logged into a MapQuest Account, or if you don't have any vehicles set, we use an industry average value of Highway 35 MPG/City 25 MPG and vehicle range of 400 miles. We chose this average based on current fuel economy data. We recommend logging in to a MapQuest Account and setting up your vehicle preferences for the most accurate fuel cost estimates.

Feel free to visit the following links for more information about fuel economy:

Does MapQuest offer estimated fuel savings for my electric car?

The Vehicles setting in your MapQuest account can be used to calculate estimated fuel savings for electric cars. Enter the vehicle information for your car and select "electric" for the preferred fuel. This will use the MPGe to calculate the estimated savings for your route. Click here to learn more about setting up vehicles in your MapQuest Account.


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