How to add Vehicles to your MapQuest Account

Add your vehicle(s) MPG information to your MapQuest Account to let MapQuest calculate the estimated fuel cost for every trip you take! Just enter your vehicle information and we'll do the math.

How to add your vehicle information to your MapQuest Account

  1. Access your Account Settings page here:
  2. Scroll down and click Vehicles (under "Settings")
  3. Click the Add a Vehicle button

    Once you have selected to add a vehicle there are two ways of completing your vehicle entry.

    1. You can look up the vehicle information by clicking on **Find Your Car** to then use the drop down menu to select the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle. You may be asked to confirm other categories like "trim" to complete vehicle information. Hit **Save**.

    2. Manually enter the Vehicle Name, the City MPG and Highway MPG, Range, and preferred fuel type for this vehicle. Hit **Save**. (You can find this information through online search or in your vehicle owner's manual)

If you'd like to edit or delete a vehicle from your MapQuest Account, simply access your Vehicle settings again (steps above), and click on the Vehicle in your list that you'd like to edit or delete. 

*You can add as many different vehicles to your MapQuest Account as you'd like, but please note that only the one marked as your Default Vehicle will be used to calculate the estimated fuel cost for your routes

Click here to learn more about our estimated fuel cost calculations.

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