How to save routes to your My Map

Whether you want to save a custom map of your most frequently used delivery routes or the different daily routes for your week long road trip, My Maps can help!

All you need to start creating custom My Maps is a free MapQuest Account!

To save routes to your My Maps, simply:

  1. Create the route you want to save using Get Directions
  2. Click View Route Directions
  3. Click Save To My Maps

  4. In the left-panel, choose which of your My Maps to save the route to, or save it to a brand new My Map by clicking Create a new map

  5. Repeat these steps to save more routes in your My Map!

After saving routes to your My Map, you can re-name and add descriptions to them:

  1. Click Account

  2. Click to choose the My Map you want to open
  3. Hover over the route you want to re-name or add a description to, then click Edit

  4. Change the name or add a description, then click Save
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