How to save places (pins) to your My Map

Whether you want to create a custom map of your favorite sandwich shops, addresses of family & friends, or off-the-beaten-path fishing hotspots, My Maps has you covered!

All you need to start creating custom My Maps is a free MapQuest Account!

To save places (pins) to your My Maps, simply:

  1. Find the place you want to save using Find Places*
  2. Click the pin on the map, then click More
  3. Click Save To My Maps

  4. In the left-panel, choose which of your My Maps to save the place to, or save it to a brand new My Map by clicking Create a new map

  5. Repeat these steps to save more places in your My Map!
*Hint: Right-click (Mac users Control+Click) to manually drop a pin anywhere on the map without using Find Places. Then, click MoreSave To My Maps to save your custom location - great for harder-to-find places like trail heads or your favorite spot to lay out on the beach!

After saving places to your My Map, you can re-name and add descriptions to them:

  1. Click Account
  2. Click to choose the My Map you want to open
  3. Hover over the place you want to re-name or add a description to, then click Edit

  4. Change the name or add a description, then click Save
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