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Need Roadside Assistance? We have you covered! You can now access MapQuest Roadside Assistance, powered by, directly from your MapQuest app by tapping on the Roadside Assistance icon in the app menu. No memberships, no hoops to jump through, just an affordable 24/7 roadside assistance option available to MapQuest users!

How does it work?

You can access Roadside Assistance from your MapQuest app by simply tapping on the Roadside Assistance icon in the app menu. From here you can request help by providing your location and the make and model of your vehicle, and authorizing a credit card (you won’t be charged until the job is done). Help will then be dispatched immediately!

For immediate phone assistance, you can always contact a friendly 24/7-customer support representative at (703) 651-1452.

Which services does MapQuest Roadside Assistance help with?

You can request roadside assistance for the following services: tow services, lockouts, jump-starts, fuel delivery, and flat tires.

  • For flat tire changes, requires a working spare to be available, as we do not repair tires; we authorize for the cost of a tow in case the tire change somehow is not successful and needs to become a tow, but will only charge for the work that is done.

  • service does not include the sale of batteries.
  • In most cases, our service providers have adequate room for at least two people to ride in the truck to the destination in the event of a tow.

  • does not tow vehicles when the owner of the vehicle is not present. We do not provide impounding services.

  • If the vehicle owner needs a tow and does not know where to go, our service providers will be able to provide appropriate options. Customers can also work that out with our call center.

Why is it asking me to authorize a credit card?

We ask you to authorize a credit card in order to verify a payment method for service. You will not be charged until work is completed.

  • We authorize for the price of a tow in case, for instance, a jump start turns into a tow. However, we only charge the credit card for the service provided.

What if my make and model is not listed?

We have a fairly exhaustive list of makes and models, particularly makes. In the event a model under a make is not evident, we recommend alerting the call center about the actual model. Customers can also simply select the model nearest to the actual model. Our database covers cars right up to modern Teslas and we are always updating this data. This likely will not be an issue.

How do I know when the tow truck will arrive?

You can monitor the location of your tow truck and estimated arrival time right on the map (where available).

Why can't I see the tow truck on the map?

Sometimes, due to environmental conditions such as tunnels and other obstructions, GPS technology is inhibited, thus rendering the live viewing of a truck en-route unavailable. Usually the truck on the map will come to life and be seen moving after a short time.

For instances where the truck appears to be immobile, a customer may reach our call center or even the driver by phone to discern their current location. (703) 651-1452

What if I need to request help for someone else?

That’s simple. Customers can open the app and change the pickup location to the address where they need the service. They should be sure that they also input the vehicle information for the other party and not their own.

What if someone helps me after I have requested service with

Please call right away at (703) 651-1452 to avoid the service provider coming to your location when it is no longer necessary.

Why do I need to share my location with the app?

We leverage the same smartphone and GPS technology that the MapQuest app uses to get you from point A to point B to ensure the accurate arrival of your roadside assistance. Therefore, location services must be enabled on your device for service providers to accurately locate you. If you have previously disabled location services on your device, please follow the directions below to re-enable them:


  1. From your home screen, tap Settings
  2. Scroll down and tap Privacy
  3. Tap Location Services, and turn it on if it is not already enabled
  4. Scroll down to the MapQuest app and ensure the switch is turned ON


  1. From your home screen, tap Settings
  2. Tap Location Services
  3. Tap to check the boxes for GPS Services to enable location services (Options may vary by phone model & carrier)
  4. Tap Agree


  1. From your home screen, tap Settings
  2. Tap Location Services
  3. Tap Configure Location Based Services for your applications
  4. Slide the setting to On
  5. Scroll down to Applications and ensure that location services are enabled for MapQuest
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