System Requirements

Are you having trouble loading Whether you're seeing a blank map, a website feature that isn't working as expected, or a slow-loading or incomplete page, we're here to help!

A good place to start in a situation like this is to make sure the browser you're using is fully supported. 

MapQuest is designed to take advantage of the latest and greatest features in the most popular modern web browsers. Keeping your browser updated to the newest available version will not only help to facilitate a great MapQuest experience, but it can also help to keep you protected on the web, provide a faster browsing experience, and reduce the likelihood of websites crashing or freezing.

In order to unleash the full potential of MapQuest, please use one of the following supported browsers (click the links below for help updating your browser):

Browsers we fully support: 

If you are using one of our fully supported browsers listed above and are still experiencing page loading issues, please click here to learn more about troubleshooting issues by clearing your browser's temporary files and saved data.

Browsers we don't fully support:

  • Outdated versions of Safari (versions 5.x and 6.x)
  • Internet Explorer versions 9 and earlier
  • Aol Desktop browser
  • MSN Desktop browser
  • iPhones and iPads using iOS 6 and earlier
  • Blackberry devices pre-BB10

If you're using an unsupported browsers and run into issues on, we suggest trying a different, supported browser for a better experience.

What does "fully support" really mean?

In cases where a website problem occurs exclusively in an "unsupported" browser such as IE 8, MSN Desktop browser, etc., the problem may not be resolved.

Please note: MapQuest's end of support for non-current versions of Internet Explorer coincides with Microsoft's own policy as described on their Internet Explorer Support Lifecycle FAQs.
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