Is not locating you correctly?

Sometimes it's easy to dismiss or deny that first request to allow a website to use your current location, and sometimes you'll run into technical problems with certain websites' ability to locate you. Regardless, if you run into any troubles around your browser or device not locating you properly, we're here to help!

If you've already given MapQuest permission to use your location within your browser or device, something you can try right away is to clear all of your cookies and cache - this can be an easy way to "restart" your MapQuest experience to get everything working properly.

If you experience continued issues, please refer to the following articles in this section to find some basic tips and links to other helpful articles for our most common fully supported browsers and devices to ensure that your browser or device is set up to allow MapQuest to use your current location for a streamlined experience.

Please note: Current Location estimation on MapQuest works best if you are connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi on your computer/laptop/device or cellular data on a smartphone or tablet. If you are connected to the internet using a hard-wired (ethernet) connection, the location we detect may be less accurate and more dependent on your internet service provider (ISP).
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