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How to use our fuel cost calculator now offers an estimated fuel cost calculation for the routes you create!  Find it on our listed directions pages. Estimates are based on the MPG you've set in your MapQuest Account for your default vehicle.

If you are not logged in, or don't have any vehicles set up in your account, we'll use an average MPG to estimate your fuel cost. Click here to learn more about setting up vehicles in your MapQuest Account.

Where do I find the estimated fuel cost for my routes on MapQuest?

The estimated cost for your route will appear next to the ETA, distance, and traffic information for your route on both the Route Options page and at the top of the listed directions page.

Note: Fuel cost estimates are coming soon to Route Planner. In the meantime, please use the main site to view estimated fuel cost for your routes.

How does MapQuest calculate this estimated fuel cost for my routes?

MapQuest uses a simple formula to calculate the estimated fuel cost for your routes:

(Route Distance) x (Average Cost of Gas Along Route) ÷ (Vehicle MPG) 

We calculate the average cost of gas along your route based on petroleum price data we receive from OPIS, a leading provider of petroleum data. Additionally, we will use your vehicle's fuel range to estimate how often your car will need fuel along your route. The Vehicle MPG used in this calculation can be configured in your MapQuest Account settings under Vehicles. 

Note: Although you can select diesel as your vehicle's fuel type we are currently only calculating the estimated cost of fuel with regular fuel costs.  We will be working on adding accurate diesel estimates in the future. 

Click here to learn more about setting up vehicles in your MapQuest Account.

Note: If you're not logged into a MapQuest Account, or if you don't have any vehicles set, we use an industry average value of Highway 35 MPG/City 25 MPG and vehicle range of 400 miles. We chose this average based on current fuel economy data. We recommend logging in to a MapQuest Account and setting up your vehicle preferences for the most accurate fuel cost estimates.

Feel free to visit the following links for more information about fuel economy:

Does MapQuest offer estimated fuel savings for my electric car?

The Vehicles setting in your MapQuest account can be used to calculate estimated fuel savings for electric cars. Enter the vehicle information for your car and select "electric" for the preferred fuel. This will use the MPGe to calculate the estimated savings for your route. Click here to learn more about setting up vehicles in your MapQuest Account.


How to get directions

To create a route on

  1. Click Need Directions
  2. Enter your starting and ending location
  3. Choose your route
  4. Click View Route Directions and you're on your way!
Please note: Routes are set to give you driving directions by default. To switch to walking directions, click the Walking Direction button above "Where are you starting?"

Alternate Route Options

Depending on the route, we'll offer up to three alternate options to choose from. You can select from "Route #1," "Route #2," or "Route #3" (or click the #1, #2, or #3 bubbles in the map). Once you choose your route, click the “View Route Directions” button in the left-panel (or the highlighted route bubble on the map) to load your turn-by-turn directions.

*Route Options are only displayed for A-to-B routes and not routes with three or more stops*

Tips & Tricks
Click "Current Location" in the "Where are you starting?" or "Where are you going?" box to let your browser or device estimate your current location for quick and easy directions to or from your estimated current location!
How to edit your route settings

Need to get to the airport and avoid the toll-roads on the way? Our easy-to-use route settings can help with this!

As you create your route, you can click Route Settings (underneath the input boxes) to change your distance units from miles to kilometers and/or avoid toll roads, highways, ferries, seasonal roads, and more!

Please note: The "Avoid" features in your Route Settings are activated when in the Right position (the toggle switch darkens when "On").

*Timed restrictions are roads or turns that are restricted at certain times throughout the day. Examples include bridges that open for boats to pass through and turns that aren't allowed during school hours.*

How to add more stops to your route

Need to add more stops to your trip? Simply click Add Stop right below your destination field and enter the location. To change an address, click the X to the right of the address and re-enter a new location.

If you want to remove an added stop, click the Remove Stop icon to the left of the stop (it looks like a minus sign). You can also rearrange your stops by clicking & dragging the Drag to Sort icon (it looks like three stacked horizontal lines) on the right side of the address.

Tips & Tricks
If your route has more than 3 stops, let us re-order them to optimize your trip! Just make sure to specify where you're starting and ending, then click the toggle next to "Should we re-order your stops to get the most optimized route?" and we'll take care of the rest!

*Note: We won't ever change your start- or end-destination, and we can only optimize routes with 4 or more total stops.*

If you've already created a route, you can use the "Search along your route" button to search for a place (like "Papa John's") or category (like "Pizza") along your route. If you find a place that you want to add to your route, simply select its pin on the map and click "Add to Route."

You can also use our Search Nearby feature to add a stop to your route. Click “Nearby” from an address or business page (or from a pin on the map) to search for a place or category. Click "Add to route" in the map pin whenever you find a place you want to add to your route.

How to reverse your route stops

If you need to get directions for both your original route and the reverse route, MapQuest can help!

To reverse your route stops, simply click the Reverse Route icon between your two route stops.

If you are looking at the written directions for your route, you'll need to use the Back button at the top of the left-panel to return to the screen where you can edit your route stops.

Please note: The Reverse Route icon only appears on two-stop routes. However, you can always use the Drag to Sort feature to manually re-arrange your route stops if you have 3 or more stops. See below!


How to use our IRS Reimbursement Rate calculator now offers an IRS reimbursement rate calculation on our listed directions pages for the routes you create! This allows you to see the current IRS reimbursement value for your routes (based on the current year's official IRS reimbursement rate).

Where do I find this IRS reimbursement rate for my routes on MapQuest?

To enable the IRS Reimbursement Rate for your routes on

  1. Go to
  2. Click Route Settings
  3. Click to toggle the switch next to Use IRS Reimbursement for Fuel to the right
  4. Click Apply Settings

Once you've toggled this feature on, you'll see the IRS Reimbursement value on both your Route Options page, and on the listed directions page. 

Note: On Route Planner, you must click View Step-by-step Directions in order to see the IRS Reimbursement value. 

How does MapQuest calculate this IRS reimbursement rate for my routes?

Each year, the IRS releases an official rate (in cents per mile) for mileage reimbursement. The IRS Reimbursement value you see on your MapQuest routes is calculated by multiplying the number of miles on your route by the current year's IRS Reimbursement Rate.


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